Children's rest

Our kids - our Bless!

When you are planning picnic or camping, you need not more than an hour in fact to get ready. However, if you are travelling with kids, it takes at least half of the day to think everything over. This means vacation when you are able to have quality time with your kids not bothering others around you. And what are you supposed to do in case you have a business meeting or a seminar? Or you scheduled meeting with friends to have fun and relax?

Our family friendly Hotel Complex took care of everything! You do not have to look at your watch every 15 minutes and wonder what exactly your kid is busy with now. Do not hesitate to plan business meetings, friends’ gathering or just enjoy tasty meal in a restaurant. With our kids-friendly location you'll find amenities to keep your vacation affordable and enjoyable.

Here your kid could play and have fun on the playground with slides, swings, rope ladder and sand-pit.

The professional babysitter is available on weekends to watch and play with your kids.

The venue also offers special well-cooked meals to our youngest guests.

We look forward to seeing you and your family in our Hotel Complex!